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enable 29039229.0 127864775.0 127864775.0 16773.3401

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Every user earns on their content The Sola economy is powered by SOL, a utility token with a monetary function, that allows to reward users and sell services in efficient and transparent manner. Sola generates revenue from advertising, user payments and partnerships and splits it with users, providing a strong financial incentive to use the service and create quality content, that results in further revenue increase. Decentralized, immutable platform Any user can host Sola node on their computer; they’ll receive a reward for each post delivered to the end user. Decentralized architecture makes Sola nearly immune to blocking and censorship, while keeping costs low. Without a central authority, once launched, the network cannot be shut down. Consumer product: mobile, simple, addictive Sola app, the first app built by the core team, serves as a central hub of the Sola ecosystem, attracting a mass audience for the developers' community apps. Sola operates with a beautiful full-screen card stack. Once you open the app, you begin to get cards one by one. You can skip or endorse each card. Endorsed cards are shown to more users.

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